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PortableRestrooms.com manufactures ground level and trailer mounted lavatory stalls that have been acclaimed by the most discriminating clientele.  We ship our products worldwide.
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Single Stall


Multiple Stall


On Wheels

Ground Level Single Stall


We manufacture proprietary single stall Portable Restrooms.

         Model 4848E - Model 4848EHD - Model ADA 7777

Ground Level Multiple Stall 


PortableRestrooms.com  manufactures a line of multiple stall lavatory buildings.  Each building can be manufactured with custom combinations to meet your needs. The combination can include womens's and ADA compliant stalls, shower and toilet stalls, all shower stalls or a mix of stall types.


Two Stall Lavatory Buildings  - Three Stall Lavatory Buildings

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Portable Restrooms on Wheels


PortableRestrooms.com manufactures many self contained and ADA Compliant trailer mounted portable restrooms.  We mount all  types of our sanitation units on trailers

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4848EHD Heavy Duty Portable Restroom

Exterior View 48" (1.2m) x 48" (1.2m) x 96"(2.4m) 4848EHD is manufactured with 1" composite walls with aluminum encapsulated edges. The unit is built for heavy duty long term use. Included are ceramic fixtures, electricity, safety lights, exhaust fan, electric receptacle, vinyl flooring, smoke detector and fire extinguisher.